Criminal and family legal cases can impact your immigration status.

The law is complicated, but even more so when you are an immigrant. Did you know a DUI or divorce can directly impact your immigration status?

Attorneys unfamiliar with federal immigration law likely don’t understand the consequences of non-immigration cases on your legal status in the U.S. They might not even ask about your status. Meanwhile, you assume they understand, which can lead to major disruptions in your life.

Clients have approached our firm after they’ve pleaded guilty, only to find their immigration status or options had changed or disappeared entirely with their plea.

We can help.

Your family might not look like the typical American family. We understand that in many cultures, marriage and divorce are treated and viewed differently – but in the U.S., these differences could impact your status. For example, in Colorado, common-law marriage exists.

We’ve managed many cases in which an abusive partner (man or woman) controls their domestic situation by refusing to legally marry, only to find out that under Colorado law, the abused partner is protected in the same way as a spouse. We can analyze your case to see if you are married in the eyes of the law. We know how the possibility of common law marriage will affect your immigration case, and we will help you navigate the American legal system every step of the way.

If you want to work with a team of attorneys who will help ensure your legal case doesn’t impact your immigration status, contact us today!

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