December 4th, Court Ruling

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On Friday, December 4th, we received some fascinating news about DACA that we wanted to share with everyone. We promise to be your DACA Headquarters in Southern Colorado; as things start changing now that we’re nearing the end of the Trump presidency, we will keep our most updated information on our website and other media outlets. Please check back to our DACA Headquarters page, and share this resource with other people who might find information about DACA useful. Even though we’re not quite at the new presidency yet, we have some changes to the DACA program due to the federal courts’ decision.

There has been a lot of litigation fighting in the court, up to the Supreme Court and back, and up and back again. You can learn more about this back and forth by visiting our timeline of DACA litigation. One of those litigations came to an inspiring close when a judge had said that USCIS needed to accept new initial DACA applications.

Unfortunately, under a Trump presidency, USCIS had basically said no even when they never had the authority to do it. But now that Biden will be president, it seems that their ability to hold that position is even weaker than before. And so it’s going to be very, very difficult for them to ignore the latest order that came out Friday, December 4th.

Even though the order is only about six pages long, its impact promises to make waves in the immigrant community. In its order, the judge says that USCIS has three days to begin accepting brand new initial DACA applications. This is very exciting because we have talked to so many people over the last couple of years who now qualify and should apply for DACA. We talked to so many kids who turned 15 after DACA applications stopped being accepted last time. And they were never able to apply. With this new order, they should be able to apply.

This means that if you meet the DACA requirements, but you haven’t been able to apply before because maybe you were too young, maybe you didn’t get around to it, or for any other reason, this is your opportunity to apply! Izaguirre Law Office will be ready to accept new DACA applicants, or at the very least to meet with potential applicants starting on Monday. We will begin the process so that as soon as USCIS is ready to accept these applications, we will have them in the mail and ready to go.

President-Elect Biden promised that he would order the government to accept new applicants come January. But after the judge’s order Friday, USCIS should be accepting these in the next three days. And we’ll be ready to help you apply.

The other exciting news out of this order from a federal judge is for those of you who are in the position of renewing your DACA. Up until very recently, those DACA renewals were good for two years. And recently, USCIS had decided to renew them for one year. Several of our clients received renewals that were good for only one year. With the new judge’s order, USCIS must convert those one-year renewals to two-year renewals. USCIS has yet to announce a process for what it is going to do. But if you have DACA with a work permit that was renewed for just one year, whether you’re a client of ours, or maybe you did it on your own, and you’re just not sure what to do, please let us know, go ahead and give us a call at 719-445-0292.

And if we don’t know the answer right away, because a process hasn’t been put together by USCIS, at the very least, we can take your name and your information, and we can make sure that we let you know once we get the answer. So again, I want to let everybody in southern Colorado know, we at Izaguirre Law Firm, are here to be your DACA headquarters; there are going to be many changes coming that over the next couple of months. This order from the judge on Friday orders that everybody eligible can apply for an initial DACA application, something that we haven’t been able to do for the last couple of years.

And if you have questions about how to do that, give us a call at 719-445-0292. Or, if you recently renewed your DACA, and the card you got is only good for a year, give us a call. USCIS has been ordered to extend those work permits from one year to two years. We will be there to help you as soon as a process is outlined. And as we get more information, I will be right here with you to go ahead and share it.

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